Dumbass Sayings: “Mr. Irrelevant”

The final player in the NFL draft is labeled “Mr. Irrelevant” because no one gives a shit about them and they’re usually a terrible player who never goes on to do anything noteworthy with their career. But what about all the players who didn’t get drafted? If the final player is irrelevant then what does that make the pool of players that no one picked at all? What are they called? What is less than irrelevant? Wet dog shit? Imagine what those undrafted players feel like. It’s bad enough the fate of their career was being played out in the draft and they weren’t selected, but now you’re going to call them less than irrelevant? They hope and prayed to be “irrelevant.” That must be a brand new low for them. That’s the type of humbling thing that should happen to the players at the top of the draft class not the poor bastards who will never make it. It’s simply adding insult to injury. It’s like picking a kickball team out of a pool of 3.500 kids when you only need 254 and calling the 254th kid “The worst possible available choice.”

This is all sort of irrelevant when you think about it.

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