Ask McFartnuggets: “Is it Possible to Put a Woman in the Friend Zone?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Yet another woman I know put me in the Friend Zone today and now there’s almost no chance of us having sexy times together because you can never have sex with your friends. No one would ever have sex with someone they liked personality-wise! This got me thinking, has a woman ever been put in the Friend Zone? Is that even possible? What man would ever do that to a lady? -- Roger from Palestine, Texas

Dear Roger:
It is very rare for a man to put a woman in the Friend Zone. I tried to once and it didn’t last very long. I mean I didn’t last very long. I have a “premature ejaculation issue.” But seriously folks, yes it is possible for a woman to be put in the Friend Zone, by another woman! You forgot lesbians, which are often the wildcard in life. They put each other in the Friend Zone all the time I’m sure. Women invented the Friend Zone so when there’s two of them facing each other that’s basically doubling the boundaries of the Friend Zone. It’s probably a lot like when you put two mirrors facing each other and see an infinite feedback loop. Hope that helps!

Remember, a friendship means NO.

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