Dumbass Sayings: “Silent Killer”

Whenever you hear on the news about a family that died from carbon monoxide poisoning they always say “Carbon monoxide is the silent killer!” Yeah, but a great deal of things kill you without making sounds. There’s no one specific “silent killer” out there so people need to stop saying things like “Carbon monoxide is THE silent killer.” Prostate cancer is also a silent killer. Ninjas of course are famous for being silent killers. Sometimes those farts that don’t make noise are called “silent but deadly” which is practically the same as being a silent killer. I’d say the number of silent killers is neck and neck with the number of noisy killers. The way they say “silent killer” like it’s special you’d assume that the majority of killers are noisy. What are some noisy killers? Jackhammers, trains, guns? Meanwhile another example of a silent killer would be a knife or sword. Do you know how many people have died from those? Way more than carbon monoxide. It’s not really special to be killed by a silent killer. I’d be more worried about the noisy killers, like a guy dressed in a Snuggle Bear costume running at you screaming with a machete.

Carbon Monoxide is the ninja of gases.

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