Dumbass sayings: “Piece of Ass”

Sometimes you’ll hear a guy calling your mother a “piece of ass.” I don’t like when people use this term to describe women. Not only is it disrespectful, but more importantly it makes no sense. How is a woman a “piece” of ass? Unless the woman was in a horrible sledding accident as a child, she has a complete and whole ass. You never see a woman with just a piece of ass, that would be very disturbing. Even if a woman only had one ass cheek, that would still qualify as more than just a “piece.” If I asked you for a piece of your cake and then took half of the entire cake you’d be rightfully pissed because half of something is way more than a piece. When you call a woman a piece of ass it makes it sound like females as a whole are one giant collective pulsating, sentient ass. Like there’s a mothership of ass somewhere and women just fly out of it with their own little piece attached to their bottoms. If you use this term then the only piece of ass is in your brain because you’ve got your head up your shithole.

Asses aren't Kit Kat bars, you can't break a piece off.

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