Dumbass Sayings: “Cold as Hell”

When it’s 20 degrees out people love to say “It’s freezing! It’s cold as hell out there!” First off, no it’s not freezing, it’s BELOW freezing. And how do people get away with saying “Cold as hell”? That’s like saying “Man, I’m as broke as Oprah!” Do people pay attention to anything they’re saying? At what point are you not even forming actual comprehensible thoughts? You never hear these people in the middle of Summer saying “Wow it’s hot as Antarctica out there!” That is something people would never say, despite the fact that actually makes more sense than saying “Cold as hell” especially these days with climate change melting all the ice. In time, “Hot as Antarctica” will be a real phrase unless we can somehow reverse the effects of climate change and sadly the odds of that are about the same as Hell freezing over!

How about stop comparing this realm to Hell? You have no idea what horrors await you.

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