Dumbass Sayings: “Catcalling”

For some reason when a man whistles at a woman on the street that’s called “Catcalling.” First off, it’s seen as very disrespectful because it makes women feel uncomfortable like you’re viewing their bodies and being aroused by them. The thing I don’t get about catcalling is it’s really how you would call a dog. People call dogs by whistling at them. No one calls cats. I don’t think it’s even possible to call a cat. If you whistle at a cat it just ignores you just like a woman does, but therein lies the problem. Calling it “catcalling” makes it sound playful like you’re in a Disney movie trying to seduce a woman jokingly so she’ll ignore it and no harm is done. If it’s really a problem then we need to label this act properly and call it “dogcalling” because that’s really what it is. Catcalling a woman might not be seen as a sign of disrespect, but dogcalling definitely would. The few women who do welcome cat calls and encourage it might have a change in perception and help end this activity once and for all. At the least, men should have to recognize what they’re doing instead of use a charming euphemism. Calling sexual harassment “catcalling” is like calling sexual assault “stealing cookies.” You can see how that would be weird.

There are so many ways to catcall, but the one in the lower left is probably the most offensive.

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