The Top 5 Worst Autocorrects While Texting

Autocorrect can be a convenient function to help speed up your texting, but more often than not it will hamper your communications. We’ve all been horrible misunderstood thanks to autocorrect at one point or another. I’ve personally ruined countless relationships and even lost a few jobs thanks to autocorrect and here are the top 5 examples:

5. “Hi” to “Ho”
When you’re typing up a quick email from your phone sometimes you start it with “Hi,” at the beginning and the phone changes “hi” to “ho” and you send it without realizing it. Only later on do you realize this person thought you were calling them a courtesan streetwalker. Very embarrassing.

4. “Hahaha” to “Handbags”
Sometimes when you’re replying to a funny message you want to type “hahaha” instead of “lol” because “lol” is stupid. The problem is you look even stupider if the phone autocorrects your “hahaha” to “handbags.” Someone just said a joke and you reply talking about female-geared storage accessories.

3. “Mormon” to “Moron”
Most people’s phones will autocorrect “Mormon” to “moron” and while it may be humorous, it’s incredibly insulting if you’re texting an actual Mormon. It’s an unfortunately named religion, but you have to blame autocorrect on this one.

2. “Regards” to “Retards”
As with the “hi” to “ho,” sometimes when you’re typing up an email from your phone you need to put a valediction at the end before your name. I like to go with “regards” because it’s formal, but not too formal. What winds up being even less formal is when your phone autocorrects this to the word “retards.” Then it makes it look like you’re calling yourself and your company mentally handicapped which is never good especially if this is a business email.

And the number one worst texting autocorrection is…

1. “Interested” to “Intersex”
This is one that really hurt me a lot. A while back someone texted me a very nice job offer and I was so excited that I replied back “Yes I am interested!” At least that’s what I thought I typed. The phone changed “interested” to “intersex” so the message I sent was “Yes I am intersex!” I never heard back from that employer.

If only autocorrect worked on steering wheels!

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