Dumbass Sayings: “You Know You’re a 90’s Kid if…”

You know you’re a 90’s kid if... You were born in the 1980s. That’s how that saying should end. How would you not know if you were a 90’s kid? Either you were or you weren’t, it’s a matter of your birth date above all else. If someone says “You know you’re a 90’s kid if you loved Kenan and Kel and played with Gak!” Yeah you might have been a 90’s kid or you might have been some weird old guy who just really liked watching NIckelodeon in the 1990’s. That’s not necessarily indicative of whether or not you were a child during the 90’s. What’s all this horseshit about “Being a 90’s kid” or “Being an 80’s kid” or “Being a 50’s kid”? You experienced things during a time period in which you were growing up, it’s not an achievement or anything to be proud about. Speaking of which, what are today’s kids going to call themselves, provided humanity survives long enough for reminiscing? Will they call themselves “10’s kids”? That sounds really weird. Really the only thing 90’s kids can brag about is that they’re not 10’s kids or 00’s kids (however the fuck you’re supposed to say that). What will they even look back on? What is there right now that people will ever be fond of? Toys these days suck. You would think they could have improved thanks to technology, but nope. All the best toys came out decades ago and the same is true with TV and music. 90’s kids were probably the last generation of kids who can define themselves by a decade like that. Let’s hope we can reverse climate change so there’s a slight possibility of 30’s and 40’s kids some day.

You know you're a 90's kid if you grew up during the Rwandan genocide.

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