Dumbass Sayings: “Shooting Fish in a Barrel”

When you hear someone talking about how easy it was to beat you in ping pong or sleep with your wife they say “It was like shooting fish in a barrel!” I’m not really sure how that’s an easy thing to do. I’ve never actually attempted it before, for obvious reasons, but shooting fish in a barrel would seem damn near impossible unless you had some sort of fish cannon. Fishes are really slippery so they naturally don’t make very good projectiles. You’d need to have a special fish gun that shot them out at an arched trajectory. Then you’d have to wipe all the slime off the fishes and figure out a way to effectively load them into the fish gun. Once you figured out how to do all that you’d still need to practice on getting the angle right so that the fish would fall directly into the barrel which has to be difficult in itself. If you combine all those steps with the mental difficulty of constantly fighting the question “Why the hell am I doing this?” Shooting fish in a barrel has to be one of the more difficult things you could ever do in your life.

Also, fish cannons tend to attract a lot of birds.

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