Dumbass Sayings: “Getting Your Clock Cleaned”

Sometimes when you’re in the locker room at a health club and you mention to an elderly man standing next to you that his balls are touching your leg he says “You got a problem with that, sonny? You feeling lucky? You wanna get your clock cleaned?” Actually, yes! Are you offering your services as a grandfather clock maintenance professional free of charge? I’ve been meaning to have my clock cleaned. It’s very dusty and I don’t want to risk damaging any of the intricates in the casing. Of course the man is referring to hitting me in the brain with his fist, but I don’t really understand how this saying makes any sense. Was there a guy who cleaned clocks and was notorious for going around punching customers in the head? If there was then I can see how this makes sense, otherwise I don’t get it. How is your head a clock? The brain is nothing like a clock. The best you can do is make a guess at what time it is based on where the sun is in the sky. Even if your brain was a clock, how does striking it clean it? That’s a horrible way to clean a clock. You’re going to break your clock like that.

Oh you're gonna clean my clock? Well where's all your bushing equipment and lubricant?

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