Dumbass Sayings: “Quit While You’re Ahead”

When you’re at a casino and you’ve just won a couple thousand dollars at poker everyone says “Quit while you’re ahead!” Who ever quits while they’re ahead though? You wouldn’t commit suicide the moment you win the lottery. The reason no one does that is because there’s no such thing as “being ahead.” Ahead of what? Other people? Life isn’t a race. Even if it was a race and there are people ahead of others and others behind, we all arrive at the same finish line eventually. If you quit in the middle of the race you just warp straight to the finish line where everyone else ends up. You don’t get any credit for that either, it’s not a trick. Also, it’s not like life is a video game and you get to keep the gold and experience points you saved up after you die. It all resets to zero. If anything you get your high score up on the board, but who really cares about that? No one should ever quit while they’re ahead. A major part of life is the slow decline into death. Quitting while you’re ahead is like jumping off a rollercoaster right at the top. Just stick around and enjoy the fall. Quitting before you lose seems like a bullshit move.

It's pretty difficult to keep on going when you're a head.

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