Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Isn’t There a Name For Hating Other Religions?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come when people discriminate against people of other religions they call it religious intolerance? Sometimes they call it racism even though your religion doesn’t always depend on your race and religions aren’t ethnicities. If you hate people of a different gender you’re called sexist. If you hate people of a different age you’re called ageist. So why isn’t hating people from another religion called religionist? -- Polly from Aberdeen, Washington

Dear Polly:
I think “religionist” isn’t a term because if you’re of a different religion then it’s just assumed you don’t totally embrace people from other religions. It’s not anything out of the ordinary to be threatened by people whose beliefs fly in the face of everything you hold to be true. People of other religions pose a very difficult problem to your religion because only one can be true. Also, usually the term “religionism” is usually replaced with specific terms like “anti-semitism” or “islamophobia.” Since there are more races than religions it’s easier to be specific like that when talking about hating a religion as opposed to a race. A lot of people who are racist aren’t just racist against one specific ethnicity, usually there are a couple so to save time we call these people “racists” instead of writing out a laundry list of names like “Puerto Rican hater,” “Gypsy-ist,” and “Filipinophobic.” People generally don’t hate multiple religions because there’s only like five religions in total and two of them are Buddhism and Christianity which almost nobody hates. I hope that answers your question!

Jew is a mix between religion and race so that can be confusing to most people.

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