Dumbass Sayings: “Just Everywhere”

Sometimes when there’s a giant tornado and the news comes to interview witnesses the witnesses say “The debris was just everywhere!” Let’s clear one thing up right now, things can’t be JUST everywhere. If something is everywhere then you simply cannot use the word “just.” “Just” is a word that implies a limit and the word “everywhere” implies no limit. That’s like saying “We’re just going to amputate your genitals.” No, sorry it’s not JUST my genitals. People need to stop using the word “just” the way they use the word “like.” The word “like” is a word that can be thrown into sentences all willy nilly without affecting the meaning of it. “Just” on the other hand actually has a meaning so when you throw it in haphazardly it can really ruin the message of what you’re trying to say and make you sound like a complete dummy. When people overuse “like” it’s just annoying, it’s like adding the word “cheesecake” into sentences randomly as opposed to overusing the word “just” in a sentence which is like adding the word “fuckface” when it doesn’t belong there. One is harmless, the other isn’t.

The debris was actually just where the tornado hit.

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