Dumbass Sayings: “You’ll Never Walk Again”

Sometimes when a guy is trying to sell you a special tonic he claims that he used to be paralyzed from the nipples down and says “The doctors told me I’d never walk again.” What kind of doctors tell people this? Who is going around telling people who have been seriously injured “You’ll never walk again so don’t even bother.” If that’s the case then these doctors need to be a little more optimistic with their statements. You don’t have to say “You’ll never walk again.” Just say something like “It doesn’t look good, but with an extreme amount of work it may be possible.” Then people can work really hard to regain the ability to walk and say “Well the doctors did say there was a chance!” After that, they can walk and the doctors don’t look like incompetent assholes. It’s a win for everyone. Now it may be that the doctors are telling people this in order to give them negative motivation and if that’s the case then these people should stop bragging. The doctor was giving you a fake diagnosis like a douchebag.

The doctors said my modeling career was finished.

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