Dumbass Sayings: “I Hate Your Guts”

Sometimes when you try to reconnect with your estranged daughter she replies back to your letters and says “I don’t want to hear from you again. I hate your guts.” At first reading something like that hurts a lot, but then you realize, of course she hates your guts. Who loves people’s digestive organs? You’d have to be some kind of twisted freak to really love someone’s duodenum. I don’t expect people to care for my gallbladder or any part of my colon. Hell, I’ve caught myself hating my own guts lately. I’ve been having some bouts of intestinal inflammation lately that have really left a lot to be desired and yes I have my guts to blame for that. So forget guts! Hate my guts all you want! What I want to know is do you hate the consciousness and collective reasoning behind what I classify and term as my human mind and personality. Now unless you say you hate that, I’m going to assume there’s still a salvageable relationship here.

What part of my guts do you hate the most? It's my descending colon, isn't it...

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