Dumbass Terms: “Cash Back”

Most pharmacies and grocery stores offer a “cash back” option at the register. This can be convenient, but it’s a completely mislabeled term. It’s not cash back, it’s just cash. You know what Samuel L. Jackson talks about on those Capital One commercials? THAT’S ”cash back.” Cash back is when you get cash BACK from your purchase. If you get “cash back” from a register that’s not coming BACK from anywhere, it’s just coming out of the register from your bank account. Now if you got a percentage of that money credited to your account then that would be getting cash back on your cash back. They just call it cash back to make it sound like a special deal. Who would pass up “cash back”? They may as well call it “cash and a blow job.” That’d be almost as inaccurate a term and people would have to be just as dumb to press that thinking they were actually getting a blow job.

Wait, it wasn't free?

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