Dumbass Sayings: “Leave Everything Out On The Field”

Leave it out there.
Athletes are always talking about “Leaving everything out on the field” which is another way of saying “Giving 110%”. And like giving 110%, this is a really dumb saying because it’s not really possible. No one ever leaves everything on the field or court or dance floor, or wherever you are. If you really left EVERYTHING out there then you’d have nothing left. You would be an empty shell of a person to never be seen or heard from again and would basically be dead.

If you plan to ever play another game then you have to save a small bit for next time. Maybe you could give 99.9% and hopefully that remaining 0.1% would be able to replenish itself over time. Literally leaving everything out on the field would be dying during a game. How many people do that? Even when athletes do die during a game they’re usually rushed off the field in a hurry. They’re never just left out there. This never happens. If someone said they left everything out on the field and didn't sacrifice their life, they’re a liar.

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