Dumbass Sayings: “The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease”

Guess where the grease is going, Squeaky!
Many people have found this saying to be true, but it only encourages people to be whiny jackasses and that’s never a good thing. Fact of the matter is, being loud is not always the best strategy. If for instance, a murderer has broken into your home and you’re hiding in the closet, it would behoove you to be very unsqueaky. If you were to squeak then the more apropos saying would be “The squeaky person gets greased.”

No one really wants to help noisy and annoying people. By being noisy and annoying, you’re not “squeaking”, you’re being a prick. A wheel can’t be a prick because they’re non-sentient objects squeaking because of metallic friction. A squeaking person is someone who’s too selfish and impatient to wait their turn. A person is not a wheel. A wheel can’t grease itself, but a person can. If you really need grease, do it your damn self. If you want the pleasure of someone else applying grease to your body then how about a little decorum and patience for god’s sake?

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