The Top Five Quickest Ways To Save Time Every Day

Sometimes it feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day. The average person only gets 16 hours of conscious time per day. The key to maximizing this time is multitasking and here are some of the easiest ways to do that throughout the day:

5. Brush your teeth on the toilet.
If you take proper care of your mouth then you know you need to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes each time. That’s four minutes a day, that’s 6.15 hours a year. SIX hours! If you live to 75 years old, that’s almost 20 full days brushing your teeth. And that’s the bare minimum of time appropriate for good oral hygiene. You’d be wise to start merging that time into all the time you waste on the toilet.

There's just no reason why this guy can't be brushing his teeth right now.

4. Pee during your morning commute.
Not onto the upholstery I mean have a pitcher, jug, or bucket in the car to urinate into. Then if someone cuts you off in traffic you can chase them down and throw urine in their face which is always a nice touch.

Just make sure the urine jug won't spill when going over speed bumps. Fasten it down with a lid.

3. Eat Breakfast in the shower.
The best part about eating breakfast in the shower is it saves time in two ways. First, you’re eating and cleaning your body at the same time. Second, when you’re done eating, the dishes are clean from the shower. It may take some practice to figure out the best way to do this. I don’t recommend eating cereal in the shower because the water will dilute the milk. It also helps to have a little table to set your silverware.

When you're just starting off, try eating donuts and handheld things before you tackle a full continental breakfast.

2. If someone’s caught you in a boring conversation, just walk away.
Other people are the #1 timesuck on this planet. By the end of your life you would have wasted at least 10% of your entire life politely listening to boring people talk about nothing. Take back that 10%. You already lose 33% sleeping, and about 5-10% on the toilet. Stop letting people slowly kill you with anesthetizing details about their life. Yes it is rude to just walk away, but how much more rude is it of them to be wasting your time with their idiocy?

Look I really don't need to hear about your anal warts again, Frank.

I don’t know why people take time from their day to go jogging. A lot of people take chunks out their day to just go running to no place in particular. Why fool around like that when you can just get your running in throughout the day? We’ve become such a lazy society that if you literally “Run down to the store” people think you’re crazy. I’m not crazy! I’m being efficient! Now get the hell out of my way I have eggs!

For some reason running is only okay to do in emergencies and in non-practical scenarios like races.
Where's the logic in that?
If you successfully implement all or even most of these five techniques there's really no telling how much time you can add to your day. And yes I realize the irony of someone wasting time writing an article about how people can save time, but I'm just trying to help educate people here. You're wasting time considering the irony of this situation! STOP THAT!

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