Dumbass Sayings: “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow!”

Dinner is served!
What’s the first thing you’re told as a kid during the first snowfall of the year? “Don’t eat the yellow snow!” We hear this and we just go along with it because we’re kids and we don’t know any better. Later on in life you learn that urine is actually sterile. No, it’s never good to eat urine covered snow, but it won’t kill you. Pretty much every other color of snow is worse to eat than yellow.

The real saying should be “Don’t eat the red snow, or any frozen body parts near it”. Eating red snow can be very dangerous whether the coloring comes from a human or animal due to blood borne illnesses.

Black and grey snow is also very dangerous to eat. I wish someone had told me to not eat the black snow when I was a kid. You think it’s going to taste like licorice, but it’s full of all sorts of bacteria and filth from the streets.

Green snow is probably the most dangerous to eat because usually it's colored that way from anti-freeze that leaked from a car. NEVER eat the green snow.

But really the main saying about snow should be “Don’t eat the icing covered snow”. I don’t think I have to explain this one. Just don’t eat it. You think it’s a delicious frozen treat, but it’s actually QUITE THE OPPOSITE.

Don't eat yellow snow, don't eat yellow snow, don't eat red snow, don't eat green snow. Hell, don't eat ANY snow. Why are you eating snow? Would you drink a glass of rain? Unless you're in the Swiss Alps it's never a good idea to eat any snow at all. Otherwise you risk ingesting toxins from the air and the water which formed the snowflakes.

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