The Top 10 LEAST Common Google Searches

And yes, I do dress up like
Sherlock Holmes when searching for these.
Sometimes you’ll search something and absolutely 0 results show up on Google. It’s a strange feeling because at that moment you know you’re one of the only people in the entire world who has had this thought and it’s kind of scary. These are the top 10 searches I’ve done and found nothing.

10. “Panda wearing a Bill Cosby sweater”

9. “Donating limbs while you’re still alive”

8. “Competitive pooping your pants competition/Where to sign up?”

7. “How to donate your anus”

6. “Giving thongs to Goodwill”

5. “How to rent an elderly person”

4. “Ways to attract homeless people”

3. “Used anal beads for sale”

2. “How to get women to talk more”

1. “How to decrease penis size/Increase vagina size”

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