5 Politically Incorrect NFL Team Names Besides “Redskins” That Should Be Changed

There’s been a recent surge of outrage over the name of the Washington Redskins. The team has been around for decades, but only now serious attention is being given to changing the name so it’s no longer offensive to Native Americans. I believe the name should be changed because it’s hurting people’s feelings. Even if it’s offensive to only a few people, these are still people who are being hurt by this name. While we’re in the mood for changing politically incorrect NFL team names why not take a closer look at these others that could be next!

1. Cincinnati Bengals
Why do we need to assign an ethnicity to this animal? You don't see a team called the Baltimore Spanish Ravens. If you did surely there'd be an outrage of some sort. Bengal tigers are from India. If any Indian people actually watched the NFL I’m sure they’d be offended we were using their national animal as a silly sports mascot.

Haven't tigers been persecuted enough?

2.Cleveland Browns
People who argue that the name “Redskin” is offensive often say “Well what if there was a team called the yellow skins or the brown skins! There would be an outrage!” Well there already is a team called the Browns. What do you think a “Brown” is supposed to be? Come on!

Could you imagine a team called the Cleveland Whites?

3. Houston Texans
People from Texas aren’t mythical characters like Vikings or Titans, they’re actual human beings. They’re not animals either like Lions or Panthers, they’re humans. Let’s stop treating them like freaks and that starts by changing the name of the Houston Texans.

Good luck facing a team full of these!

4. New Orleans Saints
The dictionary definition of “Saint” is “Any of certain persons of exceptional holiness of life, formally recognized by the Christian Church.” A saint is a very revered and important religious figure, not some brutish football warrior. To imply even a slight relationship between the two could be seen as a sacrilegious act. You wouldn’t see a team called the Florida Rabbis.

How does a Christian player reconcile helmet to helmet tackling a Saint?

5. New York Giants
Giants are normal people like me and you, they just happen to have a pituitary disorder. If you point at a sufferer of Acromegaly and yell “Mommy look a giant!” That is a very insulting and insensitive thing to do. Super large people are already very alienated from the normal world that is so small to them, let’s not emphasize that. Giant is the G-word and should be banned from all public use. The New York Giants should be renamed the New York People of Above Average Physical Stature.

They're not giants, they're just constantly high.

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive about this. They’re just team names, but that's the point. If they're JUST team names let's change them. The Oilers became the Titans. I’m sure a lot of Italian people were offended by the name Oilers and now Greek people are offended by the Titans name, we can just change these names all willy nilly, it’s not that difficult!

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