Dumbass Sayings: “You Can Never Be TOO Safe”

Does that really need a sign?
There’s a popular saying that “You can never be too safe”. This is usually said by people being paranoid and over cautious about things to justify their behaviors. This saying is provably untrue especially when dealing with people who have OCD. If you have OCD and you’re checking your front door seventeen times before you leave the house to make sure it’s locked properly, that IS being too safe. You’re wasting time because you’re obsessed with the idea of being safe.

OCD is not the only reason this saying is BS. If you’ve ever been really scared of getting an STD and had sex while you’re wearing more than one condom and the woman has a female condom inside her that’s being too safe. At that point the latex is having more fun than you. Plus, if it wasn’t possible to be “too safe” then it would be totally okay to wear a helmet during sex, but most women think this makes you look really stupid and they feel like leaving immediately. Yelling "YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO SAFE!" doesn't change their mind. This saying is simply not true. End of story.

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