Dumbass Sayings: “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep”

If beauty is only skin deep then 
this young lady is screwed.
The saying “Beauty is only skin deep” is supposed to mean that just because someone is physically attractive doesn’t mean they’re a good person beneath that exterior. First off, who needs a saying to realize that? Why not have a saying that says “Air is good to breathe” I think we all know attractive people are usually douchebags. The problem with this saying is it can also be interpreted to mean that there is no such thing as inner beauty. If beauty is ONLY skin deep and it stops at the dermis then that means it’s impossible to be beautiful underneath the skin. To be fair, no one literally considers someone who’s been skinned alive to be beautiful. BUT the original meaning of the saying is beautiful people aren’t good inside so it acknowledges that inner beauty exists. This saying essentially negates itself with dual meanings and therefore can be classified as a dumbass saying. If the saying was “Beauty is soul deep” then that might communicate the same thing and make a little more sense.

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