Why Spires On Skyscrapers Shouldn’t Count Toward Total Height

If spires
count as part of
a skyscraper's height then
radio masts should count as skyscrapers.
The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world as of the year 2014, has a 244 meter tall spire at its top. Without its spire the Burj Khalifa would only be 585 meters tall. The new World Trade Center is 417 meters tall without its spire, with the spire its 541 meters tall. These buildings are still pretty tall, but you can’t ignore how much height is credited for a big ass metal pole stuck at the top. That’s not really part of the building, that’s a building HAT. They build a skyscraper then crane drop a giant spire on the top for extra credit and that’s wrong. That’s like me having a six foot dildo surgically attached to the crown of my skull and claiming to be the World’s Tallest Person. I doubt Guinness would give me credit for that. So why should we be giving these skyscrapers credit for their spires?

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