Dumbass Sayings: “Where The Sun Don’t Shine”

As proud as I am of my Sun,
it doesn't shine everywhere.
When someone tells you to go stick something “Where the sun don’t shine” they’re usually referring to your anus. However, there are plenty of other places the sun doesn’t shine. Unless you’re walking around naked in broad daylight, the sun isn’t shining on your genitals. Unless you’re wearing sandals the sun isn’t shining on your feet. If you tell me you’re going to stick your foot “where the sun don’t shine” are you talking about my butthole, your butthole, or a well? Unless you’ve got your buttcheeks spread open laying face down on a nudist beach, sun doesn’t shine on YOUR anus either. And if it is, then you’re not really in any position to be making physical threats. This saying is just too vague and general. Be more specific. Just say “I’m going to stick my foot up your ass”. There’s no need to involve ultraviolet light rays in this.

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