Ask McFartnuggets: “Is It Possible For A Human To Transmit Herpes To A Dog?”

It's okay little buddy! You can't get
human cold sores!
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Can a human transmit Herpes to a dog? Asking for my dog. -- Shawn from Portugal

Dear Shawn:
It is my understanding that you cannot transmit human herpes to a dog so I guess that’s good news? Look, I’m not here to judge you, people kiss their dogs all the time. Personally I think it’s a little weird, but to each his own. Dogs have their own kind of herpes actually. It’s called Canine Herpes and it can only be spread from dog to dog. I guess that’s also good news for you. Again, not judging. Seriously though, how could a dog get herpes from a person? They eat their own shit for god sake. I think if you can handle eating dog shit you can handle making out with a dude who has fever blisters.

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