Dumbass Sayings: “The Sky’s The Limit!”

The sky is the limit!
Once you get there you have
to deal with Jupiter and other
sky deities.
When you start your own meth lab and you begin seeing that money roll in, sometimes your grandmother will turn to you and say “The sky’s the limit!” This is supposed to mean that there are no limits. Unfortunately, now that we know space exists, this saying is completely obsolete. Now when you say “The sky is the limit” it’s basically saying there IS a limit which is the complete opposite of what the saying is intended to mean. People could update this saying by changing it to “Outer space is the limit”, but even then who knows what we might learn in the future? Actually, by stating something as “the limit” while trying to say there are no limits is completely stupid. How about just saying “There are no limits.” That would communicate what you’re trying to say without flying in the face of modern science and our current understanding of the universe.

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