Dumbass Sayings: “Thrown Under The Bus”

If you're going to be thrown under
a bus, make sure it's a fun one so
your death is somewhat comical.
When you’re part of a team and you blame a teammate for your failures so they take all the blame that’s called “Throwing them under the bus.” Where did this saying come from? Why are you throwing them under a bus? Why not a van or a tank? Or off a cliff? This saying must have come from a real life incident of someone throwing people under a bus to save themselves and that’s just sick and wrong. Those victims remain nameless to this day and even worse the killer is still out there. And what do we do about it? We turn that callous act of cold blooded murder into some fun silly saying used in everyday life. It’s the equivalent of being blamed and then saying someone just “Slit your throat and drained you of all your blood before mutilating your corpse.” What’s the difference between that and throwing someone under a speeding bus? Sure, mutilating the corpse is a little more messed up, but the end result is the same. Yet, who would compare being blamed to being ritualistically bled or having their head blown off with a shotgun? That’d be considered creepy, but we can all throw each other under the bus! Even if one of the bus tires rolls over someone’s head and explodes it like a giant party balloon full of brain confetti. No, sorry. That’s gross and people need to stop associating that type of imagery with simple, non-lethal issues.

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