Dumbass Sayings: “Restroom”

Falling asleep near a glory
hole can be disastrous.
For some reason public toilet rooms have come to be known as “Restrooms.” I don’t know why this is, they’re really not a great place to rest. Do you know how hard it is to take a nap sitting on a public toilet? Even if you could fall asleep on that filthy seat, it wouldn’t be long til you’re roused awake by either very loud echoing farts or someone pounding on the door trying to get in so they don’t crap themselves. Sometimes people light incense to help them sleep, replace that with human feces and urine and see how well that works. A restroom is actually one of the worst places you could possibly fall asleep. You have no idea who’s going to come in and what they’re going to do to you. Why the hell would they name it a “restroom”? If they’re going to call it a restroom there should be beds or at least a couch, but something tells me that’s the last thing you want to put in a “restroom.” Lord knows what people would do on that bed and the sheets would need to be burned and replaced every half hour. Who the hell would sit in a public restroom couch? It’s not a room for resting is what I’m trying to say. Calling a public bathroom a “restroom” makes just about as much sense as calling a kitchen a “pissroom.”

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