Dumbass Sayings: "Elbow Grease"

If you have this coming out
of your elbows when you work,
 see a doctor immediately.
When someone says "Give it some elbow grease" they mean work harder. Somehow this became a saying despite the fact that elbow grease is not a real thing, to my knowledge. It should be. One of the main negatives about elbows is they're always dry and ashy. If our elbows really did produce grease then that'd be a very convenient solution to a common problem. Then maybe our elbows wouldn't look like they were made out of elephant ballsack skin. Unfortunately elbow grease isn't a real thing and this saying makes absolutely no sense. If grease is coming out of your elbows call a doctor cause that shit ain't normal. Grease comes out of pretty much every other area of the human body, but the elbows are not one of those.

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