The Top 5 Things You Should Never Do In A Public Shower

Try not to bring kids if you can
help it.
When you find yourself in a public shower situation it’s important to remember you’re not in your shower at home. That means you may have to modify some of your “normal” showertime behaviors in order to avoid an awkward naked situation around a bunch of strangers. Here are the top five things you should never do in a public shower even though maybe you do them at home:

5. Sing
Singing in the shower is one of man’s most popular pastimes. Unfortunately it tends to disturb other people when you’re all sharing the same shower. You’d be amazed at how much you DON’T sound like you think you sound.

4. Eat
You know how you eat breakfast in the shower to save time when getting ready in the morning? Yeah well forget that in a public shower. Oh and the five second rule doesn’t apply to an Egg McMuffin you accidentally dropped on the gym shower drain.

3. Cry
Crying in the shower is great because it’s like your tears can melt away in a river of tears coming from the showerhead. It’s the ultimate moisture experience. Sadly, when you cry in a public shower people get really freaked out and can’t stop talking about you behind your back.

2. Breakdance
We all know that when you lather your bathtub with soap you can have countless hours of fun breakdancing in there and spinning around like crazy. However, doing the same thing in a public shower isn’t as much fun because usually you’ll knock into someone and they’ll kick your ass.

And the number one thing you should never do in a public shower is…

1. Stare at people and urinate
If you have a window by your shower at home then you know how much fun it is to stare at people on the sidewalk while urinating in the shower. Science doesn’t yet fully understand why this feels so good, it just does. On the other hand, locking eyes with someone in a public shower while peeing is usually immediate grounds for expulsion from Lucille Roberts.

Public showers are an awful place for a staring contest.

Maybe some people are wondering where defecation and masturbation are on this list. I run a family blog here. Please think more highly of me than that!

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