Dumbass Sayings: “WOO!”

Woooo! We are so wasted
bros! WOOOOO!!!
When people are clapping, the default noise to make with your voice is “Woo!” for some reason. Whenever people need to make more noise to add to their clapping “Woo! is always the go-to exclamation. Why? “Woo!” is a nonsensical term. If anything it’s an Asian surname. If you’re at a birthday party for the girl who starred in Nickelodeon’s show “The Mystery Files of Shelby Wu” then I would suppose yelling “Wu!” is okay even though the woman’s name is probably not Wu. That might actually even be considered racist if it wasn’t the name of her character.

Why do people always go with “Woo!”? Mix it up! Instead of yelling “Woo!” try yelling “YAAAAAHHH!!!” or “HEEEEGAHHH!!!” What’s stopping you from trying that? “Woo” has become so commonplace it goes hand in hand with whistling and clapping. It’s lost its power. Yelling and hollering in addition to clapping should have a big impact. “Woo!” used to work, but now it just fades into the clapping and whistling. You need to yell something that stands out and makes the person you’re clapping for feel special so maybe next time instead of yelling “Woo!” while applauding you’ll yell “SHAAAHEEEEEEE HEEEEE!!!”

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