The Top 5 Job Interview Answers To The Question “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?”

Drunkenly playing with your
titties is NOT a weakness.
In virtually every job interview the interviewer will think they’re slick by asking you what your biggest weakness is. Most people are so busy trying to make themselves look good by bragging that it catches them off guard. Their answer to this question will usually weight heavily on the interviewers decision. If you can frame your weakness in the right light and flip this question around on the interviewer then it can highlight a major strength. You obviously don’t want to admit any legitimate weaknesses like a cocaine or porn addiction, so before you flip out and accidentally mention those, take note of the top five answers to the question “What is your greatest weakness?”:

5. “I care so much about customers sometimes it frightens them a little.”
This is a good thing to say because usually it will make the interviewer laugh, nervously, in much the same way your customers do when you’re caring for them too much. It shows you’re serious about customer service and making human connections.

4. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes...”
Now this answer is obviously an allusion to sexual favors so you want to be careful who you use this on. If you’re a woman, you’ll likely hit a home run with this. Whereas if you’re a man dealing with another man things could get weird in a hurry.

3. “My greatest weakness is that I have none.”
Perfection truly is an astonishing weakness. In and of itself it may appear to be flawless, but it’s very lack of flaw is what makes it ultimately the most faulty of all. It implies an inhuman nature. However, your ability to recognize this as a weakness proves you’re human enough to be hired with minimal liability.

2. “Some people say I take work too seriously.”
Saying you take work too seriously is a great way to turn this question into a strength. You can say your friends complain to you about how hard you work and how it affects your social life, but you don’t care because to you it’s not a weakness, it’s a part of doing a good job. Most people will hire you after hearing some crazy shit like that.

And the number one best answer to the question “What would you say your greatest weakness is?” IS…

1. “I work too hard sometimes I forget to take breaks.”
There is nothing an employer wants to hear more than these words. Most places want a robot and if you can illustrate to them that you are one then you’re pretty much in. They don’t want some punk who’s going to be flaking off all the time, they want someone who gets so entrenched in their work that they have to be forced to leave the premises every single day.

As long as you look the interviewer right in the eyes and announce these weaknesses like you legitimately consider them things you can improve on, you'll almost always get the job. If you're visibly trying not to laugh while saying them it won't work so try practicing in the mirror a lot before the interview.

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