Dumbass Sayings: “Clean Freak”

THIS is a freak.
A “clean freak” or “neat freak” is someone who takes extra measures to be clean that seem excessive to average people. How can you be a “freak” if you’re clean? This is a complete misnomer. Someone who’s completely covered in filth should be labeled a “freak”, but “dirty freak” isn’t a term people use. That’s wrong. If you saw a man completely free of dirt standing next to a man covered from head to toe in feces, who would you be more inclined to label a freak? Just because I sanitize my hand after I shake yours doesn’t mean I’m a “freak” it just means that I know what people do with their hands. I know what I do with my hands and I know if that I was someone else I wouldn’t want that hand shaking mine without immediately drowning all the bacteria from it with pure alcohol. Now if I was spraying my hand with a flamethrower to kill the germs then I would be a freak especially if I was moaning while I was doing it and licking my lips. THAT is a freak.

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