Dumbass Sayings: “Cup of Joe”

Looks like Joe had some
bad shrimp for dinner.
Some people refer to a cup of coffee as a “Cup of Joe.” Most people who do this probably have no idea what they’re even saying or why coffee is called Joe. There’s really no good reason it should be called a “Cup of Joe.” A “Cup of Joe” sounds like a guy named Joe just had a physical exam and needed to give a urine sample to the doctor. Is that what you want to think about when you’re drinking a steaming cup of coffee? Maybe this saying started when a guy named Joe was having some serious stomach problems and had to give a stool sample to his doctor and it was all dark brown, liquidy and bubbling. Then one of the nurses commented that it looked like he just brewed coffee in the cup. The rest of the nurses and the doctor started calling coffee a “Cup of Joe” and it just took off because people thought it sounded fun, never knowing the full story behind the meaning.

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