The Top 5 Worst Songs To Sing On An Airplane

The last thing people want to hear on
the flight data recorder is your singing.
Singing in public is always awkward, especially if you can’t carry a tune worth a shit. Of course it’s even worse when you’re on a plane. Most people enjoy a nice quiet flight so they can get some work done, sleep, or just meditate and try to forget they’re on a screaming aluminum human missile. That said, there are certain songs that are better suited to singing loudly to yourself on an airplane and there are songs you should definitely never sing. These are the top 5 worst songs to sing onboard an airplane:

5. “I’m A Gummy Bear” - Gummibar
Possibly one of the most annoying songs of the 21st century and ever. If you want people to hate you as much as a loud child on a plane, sing this song on a neverending loop while dancing in your seat.

4. “My Way” - Frank Sinatra
A funeral favorite. Totally ruins the mood of a flight. Singing this makes people think you’re going to do something crazy that’s going to endanger everyone else and yourself especially if you start weeping uncontrollably halfway through.

3. “Boom Boom Boom” - Outhere Brothers
Quite possibly the most annoying song of the 20th century. People might be with you through the first three “Boom boom boom, now let me here you say WAY OHH!”’s but after that they’re going to want you to die. Also you should always refrain from saying “Boom” on an airplane. Everyone knows that.

2. “Amazing Grace” - John Newton
This is probably the most famous funeral song around. Everyone knows “Amazing Grace” and it’s really never linked to anything good. It’s synonymous with death and mourning. Not exactly things you want when 30,000 feet up in the air.

And the number one worst song to sing on an airplane is…

1. “Circle of Life” - Elton John
The cast of “The Lion King” musical sang this during take-off on a flight and some people enjoyed it. That’s when professionals are singing it. When it’s just you, drunk on tiny liquor bottles screaming in that African language, people usually don’t enjoy it as much. Screaming in foreign languages on a plane is never a good idea. Usually the air marshal will have to come have a talk with you.

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