Dumbass Sayings: “God To Honest Truth”

Lincoln was an honest guy.
A lot of good that did him!
Sometimes people get confused and use the saying “God to honest truth” when they really mean “God’s honest truth” or “Honest to God truth.” “God to honest truth” doesn’t make any sense. What is that? That sounds like God is having a walkie talkie conversation with honest truth. Let’s put an end to all this scrambling of words in a sentence. I know it was probably just an honest mistake made by someone with Dyslexia a long time ago and it caught on, but let’s not keep going down this road. We might start with just saying “God to honest truth” and “Believe you me” but where does that end? How long will it be until we’re saying “Christmas merry!” and “Go have your mother sex with!”? The order in which we place words in a sentence is crucial to their meaning and THAT is the god to honest truth. The reason these wrong sayings continue to live on is because people are too afraid to point out when someone sounds like an idiot. Don’t be afraid to call people out for their bullshit.

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