Ask McFartnuggets: "Should I Poop Before A Prostate Exam?"

"Hey doc, is it weird that my
dick is inside my body?"
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I'm getting a prostate exam next week and I've never had one before. All I know is a guy is gonna stick his fist up my ass. Do I poop before this happens? I don't want the guy to get shit all over his fist, but also I don't want to risk shitting all over him when he does it. What to do? -- Ethan from Rochester, New York

Dear Ethan:
I just need to correct you right off the bat. They don't stick their entire fist up your ass. It's just a finger. I believe a fist is fifty dollars extra, just kidding. Now I know even a finger seems like too much, but it'll be okay. You should probably take a dump beforehand just make sure you get it all out of your system. If they don't give you any laxatives you should request some or buy them on your own. Then after you're done pooping make sure you clean yourself thoroughly. You can't risk someone sticking their finger up your ass and crapping all over a doctor. That's no good. Thanks for the question, Ethan!

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