Dumbass Sayings: “Speed Kills”

Some people tend to believe this idea that speed kills people. It’s so easy to blame speed. It’s not the bullets that kill people, or the people shooting the gun, it’s the speed at which the bullets are traveling, right? Give me a break! Maybe we should have background checks for everyone who wants to go fast. Maybe speed shouldn’t be allowed in schools. Is that what people want? Do they want their children to be slow? Is that what they’d prefer? I don’t think so. Speed may be dangerous when in the hands of the wrong people, but it’s also very helpful and humanity wouldn’t be where we are without it. You might think “Speed kills”, but wait until you’re in the back of an ambulance bleeding to death. Will you tell the driver to slow down because speed kills? No, you’re going to want that bastard to have the pedal floored.

Now if this saying refers to “speed” the slang for methamphetamine then yes, speed does kill.

Red Bull gives you wings, which then opens the door for death.

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