Dumbass Saying: “The Elephant in the Room”

I suppose we should ignore
the archers too!
When you’re at a birthday party for someone who has giant herpes blisters all over their lips and no one wants to talk about it, people call that “The elephant in the room.” When something is the “Elephant in the room” it’s incredibly obvious yet too awkward to discuss. However, there’s a big difference between ignoring an awkward obvious observation and having an adult pachyderm in your room. Who would actually compare these two things?

Ignoring someone’s herpes blisters is something you should try to do. If you just ignore them and continue on with the party then no one gets hurt and eventually it won’t be an issue. Having a literal elephant in the room would be a totally different story. A real elephant would feel very uncomfortable in a room full of people and it wouldn’t be long until it started trampling people. It would be best to talk about the elephant in the room and discuss how to get it sent back to a zoo or jungle. You can’t just leave the party and expect the elephant to go home on its own. It can’t even fit through the damn door! You better talk about the elephant with everyone there and call the police or something to fix the situation before everyone at the party dies. No one’s going to die if you avoid talking about someone’s herpes sores. These are two totally different things and it’s a nonsense saying.

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