Dumbass Sayings: “Never Say Never”

When you’re on a cocaine fueled rampage setting things on fire with a flamethrower while standing on the roof of a car screaming “I’LL NEVER DIE! NEVER!” Sometimes a police officer will smugly respond “Never say never…” Before shooting the gas tank on your flamethrower and blowing you into smithereens. But, wait, you just said never. There really is no dumber saying around than “Never say never” because if that’s the advice you're doling out then you just contradicted your own damn command by saying the word never TWICE. It’d be ridiculous enough to just say it once, that I could understand because you have to at least identify the word you don’t want someone to say. But to then use that same word that you’re telling people not to say to make your point… That’s just beyond stupid. When you do something like that you shouldn’t be surprised when people never listen to you ever again.

Some people say Flamethrower Dude will never get his own TV show.

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