The Most Unappreciated Movie Hero In The History Of Cinema

Bastard didn't even get a NAME.
If you’ve ever seen the 1990 smash hit film “Kindergarten Cop” then I think you know where I’m going with this. In the climactic scene, the villain “Crisp” kidnaps his son and then is cornered by Detective John Kimball in a locker room. Crisp holds the gun to the head of his son and forces Kimball to drop his weapon. At that point he may as well just shoot Kimball. Why he doesn’t is beyond me. The two are established as mortal enemies and Crisp has been portrayed as a cold blooded killer. It would only make sense for him to shoot Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character the second he set his weapon down. For some reason he doesn’t and that allows the ferret hiding in the son’s sweater to climb up and bite Crisp on the neck. This distraction allows the boy to escape and Kimball to retrieve his gun and kill Crisp. 

If it wasn’t for that ferret, Crisp would have been able to eventually gun down Kimball as well as his red haired partner who came to help out later. Crisp along with his mother would have then been able to leave the school with his son and likely would have escaped. That would have been the end of the movie. That’s a pretty grim conclusion and the only thing that stopped it was one courageous ferret. Is the ferret honored and given a key to the city? No. In fact, the ferret is not even seen for the remainder of the film. They don’t even thank the thing. That being said, it was a smart move for the boy to hide the ferret to begin with, though how could he have possibly known what the hero ferret was going to do? That was mere luck on his part. The ferret was the true star. The fact that it did not get it’s rightful respect on screen was truly sickening. Apparently we only honor human heroes in our films. Perhaps one day animals will get the rights and respect they deserve, but for now we still live in a very ignorant time.

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