Dumbass Sayings: “Give It 110 Percent”

When you think about it
percent is just two eggs with
a wall between them.
We all know this is one of the dumbest things anyone can possibly say because it’s impossible to give more than 100%. Just the idea of giving particular percentages of effort is insane. That’s not even a real thing. You can’t give 20%. Who can ration out their effort in such distinct amounts. Most people can’t even give 100%. You need at least 5% to maintain regular organ functions and breathing. The other 95% can go into your slowpitch softball game. Even that is probably a little too much.

So you can’t give 110%, but that’s not the dumb thing about this saying. The dumb part is why stop there? If you say you’re going to give something 110% why not say you’ll give it 1,000% or 1,000,000%? Is it because that only serves to highlight how mathematically wrong you are? People who give things 110% clearly didn’t give school 110%.

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