Fun Ways To Challenge Yourself In Everyday Life

Some people challenge themselves
with Rubik's Cubes, but those are
child's play compared to my challenges.
When you spend enough time alive on this planet, certain everyday tasks become so routine that life grows to be very boring. Fortunately there are certain things you can do to challenge yourself and make life a little more interesting and fun. If life is becoming too damn easy for you here are five nifty challenges you should try out:

1. Wipe with your non-dominant hand
One of the biggest challenges in life is wiping your butt with your weaker hand. It’s something that most people fortunately never have to do, but if life is getting too easy it’s probably a good idea to introduce a little challenge to keep you on your toes. With a little practice you’ll have conquered something new and be that much more ambidextrous which can pay off in any number of unforeseen ways in the future.

2. Walk everywhere backwards
Walking is pretty easy for most people, but what about walking backwards? Of course only an idiot would walk backwards blindly. You should get a rear view mirror helmet before you decide to start walking in reverse all the time. Once you have the mirrors it’s a great way to challenge yourself, look unique, and strengthen your hamstrings.

3. Keep your eyes taped shut all day
Blind people are a true inspiration to all of us. It’s crazy to see how these people manage to live their lives without the incredible sights we all take for granted. But you don’t need to be truly blind to be an inspiration and challenge yourself. You can always tape your eyes shut and learn how to live blind. Enhancing your other senses and learning to live blind will only make you stronger when you finally decide to take the tape off years later.

4. Type with just your nose
Typing on keyboards is quickly becoming the number one form of communication in the world. It’s gotten so easy for people that we can type with our eyes closed. What we can’t do however is type efficiently with our noses. Think of how much more challenging life would be if you had to type every email and text message with only your nose and think about how much more special an email or message would feel if you knew it had been typed carefully with a single human nose. That’s a feeling I think we’ve lost in today’s speedy tech driven world and with nose typed letters I think we can get that feeling back.

5. Only speak to people through a puppet using ventriloquism
If you’re someone who thinks talking to people normally is too easy try doing it through ventriloquism with a puppet. Now using a puppet is a great way to break the ice, but eventually puppeteers phase into their actual human persona. To maintain a conversation and full relationships while only talking as a puppet the entire time is a real accomplishment. Not many people can do that. In fact, you’d probably be the first. That’s a real challenge and that’s what life is all about.

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