Dumbass Sayings: “I Don’t Eat Anything With A Face”

Dinner is served!
Vegans and vegetarians have this saying “I don’t eat anything with a face” and it’s nice, but it doesn’t totally make sense. You can just say “I don’t eat animals”, but choosing to say you don’t eat anything with a face is an interesting decision. Technically if you were to abide by that law you could eat a puppy without a face. If a puppy was born without any discernible face then you would technically be allowed to eat it and would based on the loophole of that saying. I think that dog has enough problems as it is! My Uncle Rick was involved in a horrible factory accident where he lost the entire front of his head. Does that mean you’d eat him? What kind of monster only eats things without faces? The faceless are among the most vulnerable and innocent of all nature’s creations. Let’s not imply that those unfortunate folks are on your menu. Just say “I don’t eat animals or people” and let’s leave it at that.

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