Dumbass Sayings: “Fake It Til You Make It”

Please don't counterfeit money.
When you ask someone famous for advice on how to be successful sometimes they say “Fake it til you make it.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? So if my dream is to be a police officer I should impersonate a cop? Umm, last time I was arrested they told me that was illegal. If my dream is to be an actor I should fake being an actor? That’d be faking something pretend. That’s too much falseness! And if my dream is to teach kindergarten I should just kidnap kids around the neighborhood and hold my own kindergarten classes in my basement until I work out a proper curriculum that will make parents and the school board realize I have what it takes to educate their children? NO! You don’t “Fake it til you make it.” That is horrible, stupid advice. Faking it til you make it is what got this country in such deep water financially. Everyone wants to act like a big shot so they spend outside their means and fake being rich. Then when the bills come in they have to take out of mortgage and foreclose on their home. Don’t fake it, just MAKE IT.

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