New Emoticons To Use In Texting Conversations:

There just aren't enough
emoticons out there to
cover all emotions.
Tired of all the same boring emoticons? Or maybe the ones we all use just aren’t good enough to convey a very specific emotion or message. If that’s your problem then check out these emoticons I’ve been using recently in my texts. If you think they’re weird and no one would ever use them just remember the person who typed :p for the first time got called a psycho too. Here are some new emoticons you can try using in your daily life:

< :-(
“This birthday party/klan rally sucks”

“Something smells really bad.” The ‘8’ is meant to show giant nostrils open wide and the ‘X’ is the mouth attempting to not vomit.

“I think I was roofied.” This is a good one to type to a friend when you’re at the club and you don’t have the energy to speak or type full words.

3~~ :-0
“I want to poop in your mouth.” Usually in a negative angry way, but could be loving depending on what country you’re in.

“I’m Sad, but more than normal sad. Sad with a sense of longing and despair after a painful loss such as that of an eye.” Where did the other eye go? I don’t know he lost it in a factory accident or something. Point is, he’s got only one eye left and he’s sad about it.

“I have a penis shaped like a pitchfork.”

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