Dumbass Sayings: “Boss”

Only one person appreciates
being called "Boss."
There’s a certain type of guy who goes around calling people “Boss” all the time. It’s almost always a man, I don’t think women do this, which goes to show how dumb it is. Women know better than to go around ironically calling people with crappy jobs “Boss.” It’s just a stupid thing to say. Whenever someone calls you boss just call them “Employee.” Usually they stop after that. They don’t want to take that fantasy any further because they don’t want to be fired. They need that imaginary job to support their fictional children they’ve created for this fun little scenario they just invented for no reason.

Also, gender equality won’t be fully realized until people start ironically referring to women with bad jobs as “Boss” the same say they do to a man. Ex: “Hey boss, I’ll have a Big Mac and a Coke.” But I doubt that will ever happen just because calling people “Boss” is so damn douchey. If you call men “Boss” you should call women that too. Stop being sexist.

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