Dumbass Sayings: “Sharing Is Caring”

Sharing is one of the reasons
bed bugs still plague humanity.
When we’re children we’re told that “Sharing is caring” then we grow up and find out what Herpes and HIV are. Sharing is great for kids to do, but when you’re an adult it becomes less of a good thing. For instance, if you share your girlfriend with the rest of your gang so that they can “Run a train” on her, that’s not exactly what I would call “Caring.” Sharing isn’t always caring is what I’m trying to say. If it’s only sometimes true then we can’t go around making such general sweeping statements. A lot of people enjoy sharing their misery with others and pushing their pain and suffering off on others. That action is perhaps the antithesis of caring. If you really care about a person you’ll keep some things to yourself. For example, if you know someone’s wife is cheating on them and they told you if they ever found out they were being cheated on they would kill themselves and their entire family then it would behoove you to NOT share that information with them. They might find out on their own anyway, but at least you won’t have that blood on your hands.

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